Tuesday 17 November 2009

Further Scene Editor Progress

So as I've mentioned a few times previously, I'm working on a scene editor. The goal of which is to make it easy to produce content for the many game ideas I have :)

So far progress is slow but steady, I'm being a bit of a perfectionist so large chunks of the code have been written at least twice, sometimes three times and there are still things I'm not happy with.

I'm currently working on importing Wavefront *.obj models. I know I've got a partial obj loader somewhere, I just need to find it, and integrate it. These are the goals for the first release:

1. Load and save irrlicht scene files

2. Create, manipulate, delete cubes, spheres, meshes, lights and terrains

3. Create, edit, delete and apply materials

4. Cut, copy and paste meshes

5. Manipulate the scene tree (make parent-child relationships etc.)

At that point the editor can be used to create landscapes. The following release will add:

6. Custom entity positioning

7. Advanced object properties (invisible, transparent, etc.)

8. Skyboxes

9. Octree based culling

And then some time later:

10. Python integration

11. More file formats

1 comment:

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