Friday, 14 May 2010

The Humble Indie Bundle on Ubuntu AMD64

Just a quick post, because basically I couldn't find this information elsewhere and I'm hoping someone finds it useful. Like thousands of other people I bought the Humble Indie Bundle while it was on sale and it is amazing. However, for ages I had no luck installing Lugaru. I kept getting messages like this:

kazade@argon ~ $ chmod +x lugaru-full-linux-x86-1.0c.bin
chmod: cannot access `lugaru-full-linux-x86-1.0c.bin': No such file or directory
kazade@argon ~ $ chmod +x /home/kazade/Downloads/lugaru-full-linux-x86-1.0c.bin
kazade@argon ~ $ ./lugaru-full-linux-x86-1.0c.bin
bash: ./lugaru-full-linux-x86-1.0c.bin: No such file or directory

If you have this problem, the solution is to install the ia32-libs package. Then the installer will run, simple eh?

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