Wednesday, 16 December 2015

DreamPi 0.99 Released

This is a major bug fix release.

  • Switched to using "arp -n" rather than "arp-scan". This command was used to detect IPs in use but would cause the DreamPi to hang sometimes. Hopefully this will go away now.
  • New upstream DNS server. The internal DNS server has had all its rules removed except for one pointing to a new hosted DNS server. This means that the DreamPi retains the DNS caching and allows overriding but configuration changes can be made without pushing a new release.
  • Better command sending. The serial modem communication no longer echoes back the commands it's sent. Hopefully this will fix the problems with command responses not being recognized.
You can download the new release here.


  1. That bug was causing a lot of trouble in the system and I really had to take the codes off to check once more. Hope that this release works fine with all modes.

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