Saturday, 10 December 2016

DreamPi 1.6 Released!

'This'is really just a bug fix release, although it's a pretty good one!
  • Incorporated a program called dcgamespy which was written by Jonas Karlsson which manipulates packets of games like Starlancer to avoid your ISP blocking them as a security measure. Thanks again Jonas!
  • Reduced the modem communication rate which should hopefully fix a lot of those weird "DreamPi doesn't work for me?!" issues, and may restore support for serial modems. Maybe.
  • The script now waits for an Internet connection before doing anything, this should fix the issue where the AFO routing rules wouldn't take effect.
 Download the new image here.


  1. Hey man! Sorry, don't mean to spam, but I made a script that makes internet setup easier. Plus I edited the rc.local to start up the program as soon as you login. The link before is an older version. Whats your email so I can send you the new scripts? Or do you want me to post a link in the comments section to a Google drive zip file?

  2. Hi Kazade!
    Thank you for your nice work for dreamcast-fans!
    I connected all components like in your video, but PlanetWeb 3.0 didn't connect to internet.
    I think a problem in fax-modem. I buy it on your link, but only one light is on when the DreamPi is working.
    Please help me and thank you!

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  5. I've noticed that the Dreamcast Now! page displays the incorrect game that is being played online. For example, Maximum Pool displays as playing Worms World Party. There were a couple others also which I will have to double check, but Starlancer is shown as being played frequently even though it could be PBA Bowling, for example.
    A user at the Dreamcast-Talk forums posted an interesting reply about this:
    "Just a theory but this maybe something that can be fixed in the server software possibly. Instead of having the pi rely on what server its trying to dial into, maybe instead have the server send some sort of unique packet that identifies the game the user is connected to and stores in a file on the pi itself. Then when the pi reports to Dreamcast NOW it can just send the results of that file. When the DC disconnects, have the file erase, or if the pi is unplugged have the pi erase the file on boot up. That should fix all the games."

  6. Any chances of releasing an update which will work on Pi Zero W? The firmware needs to be updated to make it boot on the 0W, but for some reason it doesn't initialize the modem at all, and putting it back in my Pi3 it subtly doesn't work any more. The Dreamcast is convinced it's connected to the internet, but I can't actually connect to any servers.

  7. Just recently got a new DC and jumped on the DreamPi right away. Couple things I noticed that I'm curious about and would possibly like to assist with:

    I noticed that the image contents seem really bloated and likely a full Raspbian image over a Raspbian-light image. I was able to trim it down quite a bit after the fact. Also because of it being a full SD image it is already two full OS versions out of date and doesn't support some newer features such as the wireless on the Pi Zero W as already mentioned without updating the system.

    I also checked out the github repository. My primary question is if this is up to date with what is in 1.6. It also seems to be missing a lot of tertiary components such as startup scripts and whatnot. Any chance of getting it all placed on the github or at least giving a rough rundown of what files in the system image are custom DreamPi components?

    Ultimately I'd love to help out and possibly get the DreamPi components parted out and allow people to flash an up to date Raspbian Lite image and have a simplified set of instructions to install DreamPi on top of that.