Saturday, 16 April 2016

DreamPi 1.3 Released!

This is a minor release which simply updates the Raspberry Pi firmware on the image. This should mean that the Pi 3 is supported, but I don't have one to test that!

You can download the new release here!


  1. I was hoping to download this but can't as I only have 3GB RAM installed (well, 4GB RAM and a 32-bit OS). Is there any chance you could host it somewhere it can be downloaded normally through a browser, not a service that limits the maximum download size to how much RAM you have installed? Thanks! :(

    1. I have an alternate download link on my website here:

    2. Thank you, that works for me and is now installed on my Raspberry Pi. :) Thank you Kazade for putting the image together too!

  2. Are ther any plans for a non-Pi version release? I know it can be done using any linux version but dreamcast now and the recently added quake 3 arena support. It would be awsome that Dreampi would be avalible for more clients.