Thursday, 7 April 2016

Toy Racer Back Online for Everyone!

I'm excited to announce that an experimental replacement server for Dreamarena is now online and as a result, Toy Racer is back online for everyone, even if you don't have a BBA!

DreamPi users have this support right now, just try it! Anyone else on dial-up will need to point their DNS at to use the new server.

As I said, this server is HIGHLY EXPERIMENTAL. It will likely crash, not work, behave weirdly etc. the server will keep improving as I gain more understanding of the authentication protocol.

Quake 3 PAL doesn't work at the moment, but that support is coming soon too!

Special thanks go to Jonas Karlsson who did the hard job of deciphering the protocol!


  1. I don't understand, what do I need to do? I entered the DNS on my Dreamkey 3.0, but it doesn't connect to Dreamarena in de game.

  2. I will be a first time player for this. I have seen streamers at play this game but never have I ever tried myself. I hope it is an entertaining experience for a noob like me.

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