Monday 20 September 2010

Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Just a quick blog post to plug what looks like an amazing game: Amnesia: The Dark Descent

Take a look at the video!

I haven't bought Amnesia yet (mainly due to having not completed the awesome predecessor, Penumbra yet) but by the sound of it it's a great game, and available for Linux DRM-free! Check it out!

Rooted your Orange Dext and the Browser isn't Working?

An odd problem started the other day after I rooted my (Orange UK!) Dext, it wasn't immediate - I'm not sure what I did... anyway, the issue was that the default Android Browser wouldn't load any pages over 3G, neither would SkyFire, but Opera Mini would.

After some prodding and Googling I figured out how to fix it, here's how:

1. Navigate to Settings -> Wireless & networks -> Mobile networks -> Access point names
2. Select "orangeinternet"
3. Set the "Name" to "orangeinternet" (you must enter a name, and apparently there isn't one)
4. Select "Proxy" and clear the box (mine said "null")
5. Select "Port" and clear the box (mine again said "null")
6. Select "Server" and clear the box (again, "null")
7. Make sure the "User" is "user" (I didn't need to change this)
8. That's it, probably best to reboot the phone

That fixed it for me, hope someone finds it useful.

Friday 10 September 2010

OilRush to be DRM free on Linux!

OilRush is an upcoming game based on the Unigine engine. It looks amazing, check out the trailer:

If you read my previous StarCraft 2 rant, you'll know that I hate DRM and refuse to buy games that are DRM encumbered. So after some prodding by me over on the Phoronix forums one of the OilRush developers announced the following:

If there will be no major objections from the distributor, we plan to release at least Linux version without DRM.

This is brilliant news. Good going Unigine Corp.!

Sunday 5 September 2010

Putting Android 2.1 (adlxmod) on a UK Orange Dext

Motorola suck. They really REALLY suck and I'm not buying anything manufactured by them in future and I'd recommend others don't either. Last year, when Android phones were really beginning to hit the market, I spent quite a while choosing the right one for me. I really wanted a keyboard and the price had to be right, so at the time the only option was the Dext on Orange. It was running Android 1.5 but I *knew* that Android phones get upgraded, right? Wrong.

Motorola have promised an update to the U.S. release of the Dext (called the Cliq) for some time, but the upgrade path in Europe, S. America and elsewhere was labelled "Evaluation in progress". This was the case for months and months. The upgrade website wasn't updated but a lead figure at Motorola had announced that all Dext phones would be upgraded to 2.1. This announcement led to many more people rushing out to buy a Dext. Unfortunately it was a lie.

On August 23rd, after 6-8 months of waiting for an update. The update status website change from "Under evaulation" to "Europe will not be getting the update". Unsurprisingly, Dext owners are really angry, not just because they were lied to, not only because they were strung along for 8 months, but because the U.S. Cliq is getting the update but Motorola can't be arsed to push it out over here! The software exists, we just can't get it. So, you have a UK Dext and want Android 2.1 - then you need to take matters into your own hands...