Game Libraries

I spend a lot of my free time writing mini-games, below is a list of open source libraries that I've built along the way.


Kazmath is a simple 3D math library written in C. The aim of the project is to produce an easy to use language that integrates well with OpenGL.
Kazmath is released under a modified BSD licence and can be used in commercial products.

Kazmath is used by a bunch of applications and also the Cocos2d-x  framework which is used in a quarter of the world's mobile games!

Source Code
The source code of Kazmath is under GIT version control over on GitHub. The repository can be found here.


Kaztimer is a small library for creating timers that produce deltatime values to keep your game updates independent of framerate. It generates both fixed-step and variable timers and is really easy to use:


    KTIuint timers[2];
    ktiGenTimers(2, timers);

    ktiStartFixedStepTimer(30); //30 updates per second

    while(ktiTimerCanUpdate()) {
        float dt = ktiGetDeltaTime(); //Will always return a fixed value
        //Do fixed step stuff (e.g. physics)


    float deltatime = ktiGetDeltaTime(); //Variable return value
    //ktiTimerCanUpdate() will always return true
    //Update based on elapsed time 
The source code is hosted on GitHub and released under a modified BSD license.