Wednesday 21 May 2008

Good News Day!

As this is my first Journal entry I guess I should introduce myself...

My name is Luke, I work as a programmer in London, and in my spare time I (attempt to) write games in C++ with OpenGL. I'm a supporter of Open Source software and I run Ubuntu on all the computers I use. I'm co-administrator of and spend far too much time on

Anyway, on to the point of this post...

Today there have been 2 pieces of good news on topics that I care about. Firstly, Microsoft has finally decided to add ODF 1.1 support to Microsoft Office. This is really good news, Word is an excellent piece of software and I'm glad they are finally supporting an open standard... it's about bloody time!

The 2nd piece of good news is that David Airlie (
) has reported that he has got 3D support on the open source ATI R500 drivers working. I've been watching the development unfold for months. Although I dont have an R500 card (I'm still on a 9550) I think it's about time I finally upgraded, hopefully I might be able to help out in some way. Nice work!!

In slightly less interesting news, I'm working on a Quake 3 renderer, it's going well, more updates to follow! ;)


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