Tuesday 11 January 2011

PPA For My Game Developer Kit

So, I've spent the last few months focusing on developing cross-platform games. I've started small with Ubuntu Bug Blast, and gradually I'm going to build to more and more complex games. The idea is that I will identify bottlenecks in development, and create small modular libraries to cover the repetitive parts of developing a game in OpenGL.

DirectX has a lot of common functionality, like text output, or math functions, which OpenGL lacks. Of course, libraries for these functions exist for OpenGL, but they always seem to do too much, or be complicated to use in some way. My libraries will focus on doing one thing, and covering the most common use cases.

If you head on over to the game libraries page, you'll see that so far I have created two libraries; Kazmath and Kaztext.

Kazmath has been around for some time and was co-written with my good friend (and math guru) Carsten Haubold. Kaztext however is very recent, it provides a simple way to load TrueType fonts into OpenGL, and bind and use them like OpenGL objects.

To make using this libraries on Ubuntu easy, I've created a PPA. You can find it here.

The packages include headers and statically compiled libraries (the libraries are BSD licensed). You should be able to just include the headers (e.g. #include <kaztext/kaztext.h> ) and link to the library and then use the libraries straight away.

All of the libraries of the GDK will follow the following rules:
  • They will always be written with a portable C API
  • They will be as simple as possible
  • They will not depend on each other
  • They will be open source under the same modified BSD license
  • They will all be hosted on Launchpad
I will be creating a Windows installer for the libraries so that it's easy to get the GDK there too. Upcoming libraries include Kaztimer (game timers and stop watches), Kazui (simple OGL based UI API), Kazpng (PNG image loading to OpenGL textures) and more!


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