Friday 6 November 2015

DreamPi 0.92 Released

This release includes the following new features:
  • Dial-tone generation. The DreamPi software now plays an 8 bit audio recording of a dial tone across the phone line to trick the Dreamcast into dialling. Blind dialling is no longer a requirement!
  • Custom DNS server. There is a DNS server now running directly on the Pi. Not only does this cache DNS requests which makes things a little quicker, but also it allows us to convince the Dreamcast that old sites and game servers are back online! To see this in action, try entering the "Internet" section on Sonic Adventure and visit the website!
  • Bug Fixes! Lots of bug fixes to the order of AT commands etc. hopefully more modems will be able to work with the Pi
  • Auto-configuration. On boot the software will detect your network subnet and update its configuration accordingly. 
 You can download the new release here.

1 comment:

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